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“I too, like someone seen to have suffered misfortune, might have suffered a similar fate, but for God’s mercy”

This page is dedicated to the countless people I have encountered on my journey who have offered me a kind word, a helping hand and encouraged me along the way.  In no particular order, I would like to recognize a few of those people.

Mark Hillers
Denyse L. Dean
Joel Downing
Thomas Lynch
Professor Oscar Holt
Dean Michael A. Simons
Professor Bernard Heldorfer

I am indeed fortunate to have had the opportunity to be supported by so many strangers. It explains why I am an ardent supporter of giving back to the community and mentoring young people. I have aligned myself with attorneys who, throughout their careers, have taken time to reach out and support the people in their respective communities.

If you have an organization or you’re a member of a church that you believe would benefit from our community outreach, please do not hesitate to contact us.